Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Zimbabwe politics nothing but a man made disaster

Zimbabwe Flag. Where is Zim pride
February was an intriguing month in Zimbabwean politics. President's Mugabe's much talked about birthday was abound, as usual, on the Zimbabwean February calendar and was celebrated in pomp and fanfare. As expected. Now, I know many will agree with me that the President has a right to celebrate his birthday just like anyone else. Well, except he is not just anyone else. He is the President of Zimbabwe. He leads that country. In principle, in policy and of course by example. Now having said that, its only natural that as citizens we look up to the President for good practice in everything.

The President cannot say don't emulate this, emulate that. He took an oath to serve and everything he does is looked upon by Zimbabweans as exemplary. Now I know that it is illegal to kill wild animals for the purposes of consumption in Zimbabwe. Well at least for most of the ordinary Zimbabweans who cannot afford to acquire hunting concessions from the government. Most people who live in the rural areas do not own livestock and live far below the poverty datum line. Therefore sometimes they have to rely on hunting game animals for meat. But they get hunted by the wildlife and parks police and if caught they face severe fines or jail. Mostly jail. Well, I am trying to paint a picture for you to see here. If an ordinary person (read starving person) kills any form of wild animal for consumption they get in serious trouble. But these are people in genuine need for food. Starving and undernourished folks who do need the meat.

Now having said that, the President's birthday source of meat was elephant. Really? I mean really sir? I know for sure that elephant meat was not popular in Zimbabwe but after a whooping who knows how many people gobbled it at the presidents birthday I bet we will be seeing more of it in the butcheries soon and on the streets. Remember thousands folks tasted it and it probably was nicley cooked by top notch chefs. On this note I cant then be surprised if elephant hunting spikes up in Zimbabwe. The authorities call it poaching. This could be the start of a wildlife disaster. My point being that I think the President did not lead by example by slaughtering elephants for the birthday guests. Instead in my small mind all he did was a high level endorsement of elephant meat in a country where elephant population is dwindling and meat is fast becoming an out of reach commodity. Bad example Mr President.
Enough said.

Moving on, the Zimbabwean political dilemma of blundering, bad examples and detrimental decision making cannot be complete without mentioning the confused opposition politics. I know this is something that most people do not want to hear. I know. But I am fed up with he politics of bickering in the opposition ranks. The bickering, squabbling, splitting launches and re launches only make ZANU PF stronger against the opposition. Zanu pf may be weakening internally but that does not translate into strength for the opposition because the opposition in Zimbabwe has failed to find a unity of purpose.

Furthermore, the oppositions rhetoric of age, mass action is soo last century and using President Mugabes age as a point of argument does not hold water for me because he is proving to be innovative and cleverer than them young fellas. I mean seriously I gave up hope when I read that the MDC T is in talks with another organisation to plan mass action by the people against the government. Is the MDCT out of other ways to take the struggle for democracy further? Mass action will result in bloodshed, give the government an excuse to unleash the state security apparatus against the people. The government will simply invoke the Public Order and Security Act and use it to unleash violence against the people. The MDCT ought to know better than this.

The question then to ask at the end of the day is, by resorting to an old narrative of demonstrations, has the MDCT lost relevance, run out of idea, strategies? I mean without putting people in harm's way. If they need confirmation they should re read the papers of previous months and find out again what happened to those who resisted vacating the Mazoe farm to pave way for wild animals. Humans versus animals.
Enough said, wake up and smell the coffee MDCT.

I do not want to bore you with politics from all the other million splinter groups from the MDC and other suspicious and dubious parties some of which look like Zanu minions to me.

In closing I therefore want to say that in my opinion the Zimbabwean politics is a man made disaster purposefully created by politicians to further weaken the people of Zimbabwe. The chaotic political situation has created discord, confusion and apathy among the people. The result is that the majority of Zimbabweans have again begun to slip into the attitudes of yesteryear where politics was an unpopular subject such that it was mostly for those who were party members. This in my opinion can only serve the interests of Zanu pf because if people lose interest in politics they will start forgetting the opposition parties and then big brother Zanu pf will pounce and use government resources and avenues such as farm inputs provision and once again remind people that Zanu pf is the real party for the people.

The opposition in Zimbabwe needs to wake up and start confronting the political disaster for which they are guilty of helping create. I say this because they promised people hope and now all we see is a dwindling and weakening opposition with leadership debt worries and nothing meaningful coming across in terms of policy, strategy and engagement.

Enough said.

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