Friday, February 13, 2015

A Lunatic and Confrontational Approach Will Not Help South Africa

The events unfolding in South Africa are somewhat unfortunate and I would like to add my voice to the people who are calling on Julius Malema and his EFF to stop contributing more chaos to an already chaotic political situation in that country.

I had just finished my supper last night when I took a sneak peek at my social networks news feeds and the first headline that stared at me from a South African news site was ''fist fights in parliament''. South African politics, even though they have really tried to push democracy forward, they have really been struggling with an undemocratic approach to administration by Jacob Zuma and his cronies. Underline the word cronies. And here is my suggestion, if JZ is interested in democracy at all then he should just answer the questions being tabled to him by Malema and EFF. What is so difficult about that? Unless there is something to hide.

On the other hand, Zuma's autocratic handling of the situation does not automatically give Malema the right to act like an unrestrained lunatic with a lollipop in the mouth and ear plugs in the ears. The major argument that Malemas detractors have been putting forward is that Malema is not educated and civil enough to lead the country. And so far he is doing a good job playing into their hands. Well if he keeps on acting like this people are going to start looking at this argument and start giving it merit.

South Africa is grappling with a galloping crime rate, day to day violence against its citizens, women get raped every five minutes according to reports. The last thing South Africa then needs is proliferation of violent acts from the August house itself. Violence in all forms should not be tolerated and in my opinion Malema needs to start looking at other ways to engage the ANC and the President. I understand his agitation and restlessness but maybe politics is a game of patience and tact. He cant act like he does not know that DA has been waiting and oushing for answers for many years. And that at one point he was art of the same ANC that does give answers to critical issues. I am even  more surprised that all these people at once they claimed to have learned a lot from Madiba and that he was their role model. Well Madiba is known for peace and never acted like an unleashed child in a playground.

I have not taken any sides. I do not like Jacob Zuma's shower rose theatrics or his arms deal case which I never really saw how it was dealt with but I am sure not going to rally behind a party which uses violence in a country that is reeling with a culture of violence. Where lives are lost willy-nilly on a daily basis. 

There is need to cultivate a new culture for protest in South Africa. Peaceful protests, justice system, strategic engagement. Going on the rampage and starting to beat each other is only the lowest that politicians can sink. I know that the DA walks out of Parliament repeatedly and that they may not be the right party in the eyes of the black majority in South Africa but EFF does not make a better alternative either. They are coming in with their own kind of confusion. 

In my opinion South Africans feel that the DA invokes memories of apartheid and opens healing wounds of that era and I may agree with them on a certain levels but I like the woman at the top. She has shown a kind of mettle that I respect. 
Women are the ones always accused of throwing unnecessary tantrums but now am seeing men and the few women that they have put affront, throwing childish tantrums in front of television cameras and I just find myself thinking maybe its the right time for South Africa to bring a woman now. 

I am so tired of politics of bickering and confusion.
Oh Africa my motherland.


datruthshallsetufree said...

Kudos to you Edinah! This article offers a critocal and balanced argument on the situation of South Africa's Politics at the moment. And I absolutely agree with you, (much as it may be hard to swallow), perhaps it is time for a WOMAN to rise up and fix all this mess made by the *small boys*

Edinah Masanga said...

Thank you so much datruth!