Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Can African Leaders March for Girls in Africa: Girls Lives are Human Lives and Need Urgent Attention Too

This is one of the posts I have had to write with tears in my eyes. Its a post in which I am recounting the lives of girls being lost in Africa everyday. The blood being spilled without restraint and not one single African leader stepping up to highlight why they need to march for girls in Africa. All lives are worthy aren't they? The march for freedom of expression by so called world leaders in Paris in solidarity with the French people following the shooting to death of satirical cartoonists got me thinking. Deeply. Can African leaders not actually march for girls lives? Small helpless girls with bombs being strapped around their necks? Can none of them actually stand up and march for girls lives being lost in that brutal way everyday in our motherland.
I know that our African leaders love to appear at international events all dressed up with huge entourages in tour. Well they can still wear their suits to the march and take their entourages with them cant they?

So those twelve brutal deaths in Paris surely deserved and got world attention. However, girls in Africa are dying everyday. There are brutal blood-sheds which comprise only of girls going on in Africa unabated. The girls who were abducted in Nigeria and are now being used as war armament are still with their captors. As I write with tears in my eyes, the girls are now the easy unwilling couriers of suicide bombs. So after going through grueling, brutal rape they have to be blown up in the end? Does this not deserve someone to actually march for African girls, people? 

In northern Congo and in Uganda girls are going through untold abuse everyday. Girls are abducted and raped until they get pregnant then get killed. Pregnant women and girls get ripped open by psychotic rebels. Does this not deserve someone to actually march for these girls. Imagine a pregnant girl being ripped open and left to bleed to death. How is this different to being shot with an avalanche of bullets?

In the horn and many other parts of Africa female genital mutilation is on the rise day by day. Many people are getting used to hearing the phrase FGM and just brush it aside just like that. But just what is female genital mutilation? Its practiced in many forms but this bizzare one which equates to attempted murder if it were to me is when girls clitoris is shaved off so that they cannot enjoy sex. just exactly how do you chop off a hidden small human part with a big knife or a razor? This is apparently done to stave off sexual desire so that women and girls do not become prostitutes. In other parts of Africa they practice labia elongation which is the painful, repeated pulling of the labia minora to make it long enough to maximize a mans pleasure during sex. It then gets decorated by cutting it into strips. Each labia ear is cut into two strips. For what? Girls bleed to death during FGM.

The ''virgin heals HIV'' myth continues to be perpetuated against girls unabated. Girls undergo virginity testing under the guise of ''checking'' if they are having sex before they are married but truth is their safety and security is placed at huge risk once they have been confirmed to be virgins. Its when the HIV positive misled men target them for alleged ''exorcism-of-HIV-by-sleeping-with-a-virgin-girl''

Can someone tell me if these are not crimes against humanity? Is the innocent blood of helpless girls being spilled incessantly, daily not deserving our leaders to one day march for them. How many more girl have to die before even one African leader stand up to march for all the innocent girls blood on African soil.

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