Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Feuding Somalians living in one of the largest refugee camps in the Western Cape after xenophobic attacks in South Africa may constitute a security risk South Africa has been warned by the United Nations in a report released here in Cape Town.
“…Somali population, which constitutes the majority in some sites, all indicated that they are extremely unhappy in the present situation. They wished to be repatriated to another country or even to Somalia and that this should be organized by the UN. They have subsequently refused help from Government and resist the access of government officials responsible for delivery of essential services.

Keeping such large populations in one location with such strong leadership constitute a security risk”, the UN said in the rapid assessment on the humanitarian situation of the displaced population in the Western Cape.

Recently Somalis at Soetwater reportedly jumped into the sea in an attempted suicide act in order to get the United Nations Attention on their plight. In some instances in Philippi area they have threatened to kill any Xhosa person who comes near the refugee camps in the area.
The report also warned that the dwindling food donations, If not tackled on time, may cause tension o rise to new levels. At the moment the government of South Africa has been working with local communities, philanthropists, churches and mosques in providing immediate relief and food assistance.
“With the passing of time, voluntarism is fading. It is therefore essential that a system of funding and systemic food management should be in place to fill the gaps that are expected to rise”, the UN warned.

Meanwhile, South African government has said refugees in the camps have two months to move on with heir lives. This means they either go back into the communities they were living in or to their home countries.

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