Saturday, October 13, 2007

Zim's education system on its knees

At a time when Zimbabwe is reeling in political and economic mess, the education system cannot help it but crumble. Currently the country is experiencing massive industrial action by all the government teachers. All government schools have been shut down since the beginning of the week resulting from this strike.

All the problems currently being experienced in Zimbabwe today are a result of a military style land grab from white farmers orchestrated by President Mugabe hiding behind liberation war veterans in 2000. This was followed by gross human rights abuses and violation of the rule of law hence the sanctions that were imposed on the country by European union and other western countries.

The sanctions were meant to force the government to restore peace and stability in the country but then Mugabe has remained steadfast and unrepentant on his policies. This has in turn led to foreign investors and governments shunning the country hence the economic and political malaise that it finds itself in at the moment.

The teachers are refusing to go back to work unless their employer, the government, has met their demands. Chief among their demands is hefty pay rise, improvement in the working conditions.

The teaching profession is not the first to take the last resort in seeking the government's ears regarding their plea for better salaries in order to sustain them. At present a teacher earns as little as $2 000 000 per month and this is barely near the poverty datum line currently pegged at over twenty million dollars(revalued)

At present, following the failure of damage control exercise masquerading as a price control exercise an ordinary bar of laundry soap is selling for one million one hundred thousand dollars
($1 100 000. 00) revalued. In reality this is one billion one million dollars ($1 000 100 000. 00 ) real value.

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