Monday, October 1, 2007

Zanu PF turns to spirit mediums for problems bedeviling Zim

Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe turns to spirit mediums for help following a galloping inflation rate, an economy in shambles, dwindling foreign currency reserves, widespread corruption, a thriving parallel market and massive civil and political unrest in the country. To sum it up, a country in dire straits.

As if that is is not enough for the Zimbos, Mugabe’s theatric politics of patronage is at play again as he has sanctioned the carrying out of traditional ceremonies around the country in order to allow the country’s ancestors to appease the nation and its woes. On Wednesday 26 September 2007, the acting President Joyce Mujuru received, we assume on the President’s orders, a program of the ceremonies from traditional chiefs in her offices in Harare.
Meanwhile, the President is attending the 62nd United Nations annual general assembly where he lambasted the United States, its president George Bush and the superpowers for putting Zimbabwe in the current political and economic mess.
During the same summit he praised South African president Thabo Mbeki for facilitating dialogue between the ruling party and MDC. Mbeki is on record saying Zimbabweans can only solve the problems in Zimbabwe yet the people are helpless in the hands of the ruling Zanu PF and President Mugabe.
Mbeki has also refused to comment on the sanctions slapped on Zim by the West. Zimbabwe was slapped with political and economic sanctions following gross human rights abuses, lack of rule of law, dictatorial rule by the President among other things.

The call for traditional ceremonies just serves to show how the ruling Party has lost control and also clear evidence of how low it can sink in the midst of a starving nation. After imposing massive price cuts which left most shops virtually empty, the ruling is trying to do damage control ahead of the so-called “harmonized elections” in March 2008.

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