Monday, July 23, 2007

Tsvangirai- you were betrayed

For the past three months I have been away from home. During this short time, a lot happened in the country that I call home.Bread price rose way above the biggest denomination of money. The price of small candles now cost four times the price of bread. And electricity blackouts are the order of the day.I am talking about a country that was known as the Bread basket of Southern Africa; Zimbabwe.But, that is not all. Morgan Tsvangirai, the name that is synonymous with opposition politics in Zimbabwe, suffered a major setback in his quest to deliver the people from Robert Mugabe. It is well known that some high ranking members of the his party broke away last year in a bid to contest in the senatorial elections.And, now the pro Senate faction has elected some Professor, Aurthur Mutambara, to the post of President. They just fished someone from the diaspora who has not set foot in his homeland for a long time and blessed him with powers to, for instance, lead the people of Zimbabwe.Personally, I have never trusted Welshman Ncube for a long time. I still don't anyway.This is sheer betrayal for Morgan. He is the name that sticks to the MDC label. He is the one who was charged with treason. The one who was called all sorts of names by the state media. And is he not the one who was confined within the borders of Zimbabwe for more that three years? During all this time Authur was probably wining and dining with his friends out there in the diaspora.So Aurthur, why didn't you come during that time. Why didn't Welshman and company call you then? You waited until Zanu Pf had weakened the MDC through wholesale election rigging, a brutal police force and a military back up. Then you emerged from hibernation or from no where. The question is, to do what?To me and many other Zimbabweans, Morgan is the face of the struggle for democracy.And when all is said and done, Zimbabweans cannot be fooled by Welshman or anyone else for that matter. Morgan, aluta continua.Well, I was just thinking about all this because I am now going back home.

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