Monday, July 23, 2007

Cartoon violence was unwarranted

Four months ago the world saw an eruption of anger, violence and hatred. Anger triggered off by the publication of the muhammad cartoons in a Danish newspaper. But, the big question is why were the Muslims seeking vengeance for Muhammad?Following the whole cartoon debacle, the general conclusion was that the Muslims had far much bigger agenda than the cartoons. In a morden world where human rights are the song of the day, any attempts to gag the press are unwarranted.
Undoubtedly, no one has a right to ridicule Muhammad in any way. In a free world, everyone is entitled to their religion and there is no question about that. But, why apparent violation of human rights would be regarded as the absolute way to seek vengeance for the prophet, the mind bogglesBut, causing multiple deaths, alarm and despondency in the name of religion is totally uncalled for.In order for the Muslims to make a strong case, there is need for tolerance and rationale. This way people will bear with them instead of condenming them.It is in this vein that the Muslims should pray for all those who are persecuting Muhammad to be punished accordingly. By him.

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